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Mucosal Boost Vaccine
­Innovative inhalable vaccine approach that creates a fast-acting immune response in mucosal tissues such as lungs and gut Background Current vaccine platforms have mixed success at preventing infection of new emerging infectious diseases and present several limitations. To overcome those limitations researchers at St Georges University of London...
Published: 2/13/2023   |   Updated: 4/26/2022   |   Inventor(s): Rajko Reljic, Mi-Young Kim
Category(s): Vaccine platform, Respiratory diseases, Mucosal immunity, Inhalable vaccine, Covid-19, Biotechnology
Allergen Delivery Inhibitors
A developable candidate drug that displays in vivo efficacy in animal models with a good duration of action when delivered to the airways. Background Asthma remains a condition with significant unmet needs. Exacerbations of the disease result in intense breathlessness, frequently requiring hospitalisation, and are potentially fatal. There will be...
Published: 2/9/2023   |   Updated: 11/17/2021   |   Inventor(s): Clive Robinson, Jihui Zhang, David Garrod, Trevor Perrior, Gary Newton, Kerry Jenkins, Elisabeth Beevers, Meriel Kimberley, Mark Stewart
Category(s): Drug, Allergens, Asthma, Biologicals, Pharmaceutical, Respiratory diseases, Product Development
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